What Is an Archangel and What Is It’s Purpose?

Archangels are quite an unusual subject, simply because so little is known about them. However, an archangel is an angel, but of greater rank than an angel. They have special duties within the universe and they remain a crucial element in the running of the world. What does an archangel do and what purpose do they have?checkout my latest blog posted at

Archangels’ Assignment

Every archangel has a specific duty or role within the universe. Each has the duty to watch over different parts of Earth and each contributes something vital to the world. For instance, the archangel Gabriel is the one who motivates the people of the world, an inspirer and he is probably the most recognized and beloved archangel.

However, the archangel Michael has the responsibility to watch over the seasonal changes throughout the year; we have four, so Michael overseas these changes. He also helps with changes to energy and protects the world from negative energy changes also. Archangels each have certain skills and talents to help the human race.

Angels Guiding Us

Almost every person in the world has an angel guiding them. There are many who in fact have an archangel to guide them. Those who are lucky enough to receive guidance from an archangel can be truly blessed in so many ways. They may not be blessed in wealth but their blessing is something far greater and more important than money. However, archangels can guide us and the way in which someone can hear an angel is through meditation and intuition. It’s like trying to contact spirit guides; you have to wait for them to contact you even if it takes a considerably long period of time.Read this news for additional learning’s.

A Looser Reign

Many years ago humans were guided and aided by archangels like today. However, many years ago, they didn’t give any constraint in a sense. Most people evolved without reign, but now things are vastly changing which isn’t technically a bad thing. Archangels are giving us warning signs of danger ahead and if the warnings aren’t heeded it may be too late to change. Having a tighter reign over the planet today can be a good thing because so much of the world is being spoiled.

More Knowledge Is Needed


To be honest, like spirit guides there is still so much that remains unknown and unexplored with archangels. There are a lot more things that need to be learned about archangels in order to understand them better and getting that knowledge is extremely tough. This is not an area or subject which is well explored or known which means getting accurate information out to the world is not easy. However, this is such an in important subject to learn about.

Be Closer To the Spirits

There are many who don’t believe angels or archangels exist; however, they are an enormously important part of life itself. Having even a little belief can be so powerful and they do give you so much courage and allow you to become closer to the divine spiritual world. Archangels remain an important part of every human being’s heart.

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